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"Baby Girl"

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“Baby Girl”


Baby girl...let me tell you... 

When you first entered this world and laid in these arms 

My one and only thought was to keep you safe from harm 

As I cut that cord from the submerged world that for 9 months you had come to know as home 

I felt the pressure of two blades piercing the arteries of my heart, pushing deep into my soul 

The first blade releasing a flood of tears and emotion 

Leaving me unable to contain my experience of this new love's boundless ocean 

But then, the second blade...severed my ties with this moment of pure bliss for just long enough to make me wish... 

That you were not a girl. 

Not because I did not love you as if a morning son had just risen, 

but because this World casts doubt and darkness on the moon 

focusing on her blemishes and scars instead of her radiance among the stars. 

But then I saw that boundlessness in your eyes 

Fields of promise, with no horizon 

Colourful and endless skies 

I came to my senses and asked myself... 

Why must I feel compelled to write you a separate poem? 

Why must your brothers go out while you sit at home? 

No this will not be that poem. 

Yours will not be that life. 

Because You will be you 

You will be both glue, and the surface 

You will venture through caves and space without concern for saving this family's face 

Your courage will inspire men 

You will be the architect of your own who, what, where, why, how and when 

Your voice will transform this dusty earth 

Because the damsel in this dress, is not a damsel in distress 

Because every single atom in your body is formed from the very rib of greatness 

not from the inner remains Adam's chest 

You are not vestigial or a princess... 

You are a dragon,

You are a queen,

You are an empress! 

Every single note in your voice, and nuance in your choice is sculpted by the universe to intelligently design and refine itself into something better 

Do not forget that boys and men must stand on your shoulders to achieve their greatness only after being carried in your arms 

Do not forget that you will be a slave or second best to no one, 

Through the prism of your intellect, your light will scatter far and wide 

When one boat rises, you will see all others follow as you are the tide 

The Maya…. of this world will do all it can to reduce you to an optical illusion 

Of skin, hair and measurements 

But you will unveil this delusion 

Revealing the most compelling of evidence 

Setting many new precedents 

You will walk through tall grasses and wade through streams 

Your imagination's open flood gates will break social levies and untether new dreams 

You will climb mountains and dig deeper into the core of our humanity than anyone before 

The same world that says mind over matter will claim that your mind does not matter and that you should be married 

And I will tell you the same 

Get married 

Be married.... 

Be married to your dream 

Don't let anyone ever take away from your steam 

To the top always rises the cream and you are all that and more! 

Tomorrow... we will lie here looking up at the passing clouds 

And one day my dust will float in the air, but I will be forever proud 

That I had you, that you were my daughter 

You are the seed on which all this World’s rain desires to fall 

And when you rise through the soil 

You will will be you, and that is all...You should ever need be 

My daughter 

You are the seed, the soil, the husk, the rain, the sun, and the moon 

Let no one ever tell you differently. 

That will be all 

Now please...go and clean up your room.

Written by: Anuj Rastogi