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"While You Were Sleeping"

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“While You Were Sleeping”

My boy
While you were sleeping
Your shell still, your mind somewhere dreaming
The world changed.
Something happened.

People of the planet rearranged
Like particles shifting in their collective atomic structure
Like a trip cut short by a flat tire on a road to the wrong destination
A little pit stop on the side of this collective highway
finally made us realize it does not have to be yours or my way,
For in this struggle between hell and the highway
We missed every exit, but fortune had plans of its own

And So we were forced out into the sun
We Looked up at the sky, and down into the dirt
North, south, east, west, right and left
Exposed to the abyss of space...
Except for this fragile little shell

A drop of water
A hint of sand
Some generous probability, or a guiding nudge from some... divine hand
What did it matter?
The recipe for all the life we know was born on this very pebble
Resonant frequencies both bass and treble 

Thoughts dreams and wishes manifest
An opportunity to day in, day out... be our best

While you were sleeping,
All the wars stopped in an instant
Guns drawn back, and missiles reigned in
One finger pointed out, the other three pointed back in - at us
We then looked up at those we had once defiled, and with a sincere tear down our cheek, said these words... And smiled:

"You are me and I am you.
We are one, We never were really two.
Or three, or four, or seven or ten.
We are beings of one flesh previously divided, by the prescribed illusions of self-serving men.
Male, female, black, white and brown
Short looking up, Tall looking down
Our differences a bouquet to be celebrated
Not divisions to be cursed, or reasons to be humiliated.
At the alters of  caste, religion, money and creed we will no longer pay heeed!
For that old world I've just burned, buried and sent off in a hearse.
This is our planet, our canvas, our Universe"
And when we said these words, and shed that tear,
All fires raging both far and near... Began to fade as the winds shifted

One moment of respite reminded us just how very gifted
We all are.
We were fighting for scraps of a cake so infinite,
that its bounty knew no end, and no one could find a limit.
But while you were sleeping,
We all awoke
We watched your breath flow in and out
as the photosynthetic lungs of this planet
turned its outputs in to our inputs
Once known, now forgotten... this planet’s symbiosis
Gave notice of its need, and Reminded us of its existence
Through you, and her, and him and she.
In fact it even reminded us, of me, of WE.
For We too were once free.
We too were once young open minds
Sitting under the shade of the great tree,
taking comfort in its strength, compassion and majesty.

Dreaming of space, rainbows and flight
Looking to tomorrow with a big resilient smile so bright
That our astronauts would see the twinkle of our eyes from orbit
much as we saw the twinkle of the stars in the skies

Epic adventures of giants and elves
Endless tales of wonder adorned our minds bookshelves
We laughed and we loved,
But then they pushed...and we shoved….
While you were sleeping
We saw that wretched blue screen of death
And witnessed a filesystem so corrupt... it would notify only of its distress
This world hit one epic CTRL+ALT+ DELETE
Reviews of history’s system logs showed us the filepath not to repeat
We hit a big RESET
A massive Forgive and Forget
And bid adieu to the world that dysfunctioned before your eyelids became heavy
And... we awoke 

You see, none of us in this glass house was was fit to throw stones
And suddenly….finally, we realized we were all alone.
Point blank reach from our doom….faced by a forever that could end all too soon
We met eyes with our reflection and in one collective cry...yelled out...
Put down the goddamn gun!!!!....
And just reach out your hand.
I mean, really... Reach out your hand
No make-believe, no pretend
A sincere desire to heal, a common goal to amend
While you were sleeping
A rocketship of tomorrow lifted off and flew us to a world with one and only one country


And on the soil of this land we planted one...just one flag, leaving only one single dent
In its sands the only lines we drew were not between us….
but leading from you to me, from US to WE
And as we lifted back up off the surface to look down at the patterns we had now rendered
A complex matrix of wonder and relations was all we saw….
 the patterns of love engendered
This new aerial vantage point
Provided us with a glimpse into the complex symphony of life that plays out all around us
From the stoccato rally of an inspired idea
To the pianissimo of a child’s first steps
From the crescendo of emotion surging towards a climax known as LOVE
To the warm embrace between feather and air under the wings of a dove… YES!!!!
It echoes in into the infinity - This symphony plays on all around
But the volume of our own distressed mind kept us from hearing its sound

This world is beautiful…. it always was
Tales of its wonder have been told from the West to the Orient
Its expression changed forms and mediums,
but beauty has always been its key ingredient
Captured in words, melodies and pages
A rainbow celebrated in each and every one of its stages
From a DJ’s 16 bar build unleashed on a crowd of people
To their unison sway at the end of a needle
From monuments built as odes to love, God, Stars and the Seasons
To the kindest of gestures… played out for... no reason

See, while you were sleeping
Your dream became a reality

More than we could ever dream,
More than all the servers on the planet could ever stream,
We began to serve one another, care for and nurture one another
As the synapses of 7 billion nodes
Fired signals of an awakening to their neighbours
Greed and glutton soon gave way to kindness and favours

In all this I hope that you will awaken
Blissfully removed from the scars of our past
And able to inspire wonder once again in a sea of stars so vast

My son
While you were sleeping
The world changed…

Written by: Anuj Rastogi