Omnesia Records - Logo

Om [Ohm;.>] - The fundamental sound of the universe, pervading all things and all thoughts. Much as all the notes in a raga can be found in the drone of the tanpura, all the sounds of the universe are within the scope of this one syllable.

Amnesia [Am*ne"si*a\] - A condition afflicting the mind resulting in failure to remember that which was once known.

North African, Persian and Hindustani classical music share many melodic and compositional commonalities, as do modern hip hop and punk. The rhythmic vibrance of the Caribbean and Latin America is derived from the complex rhythms of Africa. Western Rock compositional structure is drawn on for music ranging from contemporary Cantonese ballads to Bollywood film soundtracks. And now many leading electronic musicians have drawn on the structure and approach to ancient classical music forms to create new compositions in the modern realm. Where then are the lines?......

While many may term this approach to art a "fusion," it is in essence a return to the fundamental, not the combination of two separate things. Much as the experiences of individuals can be shared to better understand what is common in the human condition, the music of many can be used to better understand the one original sound.

Omnesia Records is an independent label founded in 2002 as a platform for music that reflects this very understanding, as well as to undertake innovative events and live productions that foster inter-human experiences.

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