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Omnesia - Anuj Rastogi

South Asian electronica artists in Canada? Not something the big red and white is normally known for being home to. While the U,K, and the U.S. have been the breeding ground for many notable modern South Asian electronica artists over the years, Canada has not seen much homegrown talenin the genre. With the release of Omnesia, Anuj Rastogi is trying to change that. Hailing from Toronto, Rastogi has put together a solid debut effort with Omnesia. More ethereal and mellow in nature than danceable, Omnesia is reminiscent of some early Nitin Sawhney fare. Rooted in Rastogi's compositions and instrumentation, the album mixes in jazz stylings (Anatomy) with spoken word imbibed offerings (Breaking News) and beautiful vocalst accompanied downtempo pieces (C'mon). While the album could use more production value, and some of the tracks a a little out of place, there are flashes of brilliance on the album that show Rastogi is definitely and artist to keep an eye out for in the future. Having been on the Canadian electronic scene for the last five years, Rastogi has played the Indian Electronica Festival in the U.K. and Toronto. Rastogi's saxophone-playing melds well with his low-key electronic beats to give Omnesia some soul; it is chill-lounge music at its very essence and tracks like Jaane Do which feature haunting vocals stand out as some of the best on the album. Overall it's good to see some original South Asian electronica coming out of the T-dot, and hopefully enough people will pick up Omnesia to give the new 'movement' some legs. Visit

Anuj Rastogi - Anokhi Magazine Review

Raj Beri
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