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Artist Profile - Anuj Rastogi

There's more to Edmonton than classic rock and country music.

Anuj Rastogi is a die-hard Edmontonian who is inspired by this city and the people he has met here. Anuj has always played music and has even learned to play quite a few instruments by ear. Growing up he had many musical influences - all of which he has drawn on to create his music, and label - Omnesia Records.

Anuj met Cassius Khan (an amazing tabla player and vocalist - in fact he is one of the very few vocalists in the world who can accompany himself on tabla), and Cassius was interested in what Anuj was proposing musically. Cassius brought Meera Varghese (flute & vocals), Amika Kushwaha (harmonium & tabla), Sean Holowaty (Ukranian dulcimer, plus he's an actor) and Seema Ganatra (sitar) to jam. Vivek Pathak - Anuj's long time friend - provides the spoken word.

These muscians have performed together in May '03 at Ombeance at E-town's Backroom Bar, and in November '03 at Omnesian Travels.

Anuj willl be doing more performances this summer, and for more info about Anuj and his record label Omnesia, check out www.omnesia.com.

Christine Chomiak
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