Universal Music India release of ‘Nu asian SoundZ’

Following 2010’s highly successful  ‘Nu asian Soundz’, this High Chai Recordings compilation presented by Dimmsummer,  reincarnates in an exclusive new versions. With some fresh new cuts from Janaka Selekta & Karsh Kale, and an exclusive new remix from Anuj Rastogi, among others, this is an dubstep first on Universal India.

  1.  liquid stranger :: hexed & perplexed -feat. deeyah         
  2.  jalebee cartel :: mirrors - breed remix          
  3. piyush bhatnagar :: mixed feelings -feat. kaafila         
  4. Awake - Karsh Kale's Morning Remix         
  5. nuphlo :: homeland insecurity          
  6. radiohiro :: i am that i am         
  7. david starfire :: tumbi blaster -feat. iCatching         
  8. anuj rastogi :: grasshopping -slugstep rmx          
  9. goonda :: 21CFX feat. MC ZULU          
  10. dimmSummer :: rubstep -slow burn mix         
  11. goonda :: fearless feat. MC ZULU - krts brooklyn

NaS front

NaS back


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