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Rising composer and producer Anuj Rastogi is no stranger to NADA BRAHMA. Having had his work featured on this site on several occasions, this time his musical journey takes him to scoring for films, in particular “Surkhaab” (Produced by Golden Gate Creations LLC).

Today sees the release of “Surkhaab” - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack on Anuj’s Omnesia Records. If you have been following his work on our site, you’ll know that he’s style flows along the lines of atmospheric electronics laced with Hindi vocals generating moody, sublime music. This project is a little different, Anuj goes outside his comfort zone to create another world by exploring the incredible sonic journey undertaken by the protagonist in the film, Jeet.

With the help of highly-flavoured performances by strong musicians including Hasheel Lodhia (Bansuri), Jay Banerjee (Sarod), and Vivek Nankissoor (Electric Guitar), Shirsha Chakroborty (Vocals), and Falitaa have helped to bring alive the film.

Consisting of a massive 34 tracks, the ‘Surkhaab’ soundtrack, brings together an abundance of musical styles. Spanning from Indian Folk and Classical, to intense Western orchestration, contemporary electronica, old school funk, Hindi and Punjabi Pop/Rock, Urban and Jazz influences. The arrangement of these styles has contributed to creating an eclectic and haunting composition.

Tracks like ‘Escape from the Shack’ and ‘Hitchhike’, which are drum heavy, gives off a very Tan Dun style of music [The composer responsible for the soundtracks for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero]. ‘From Peel to Punjab’ is a very upbeat jazzy affair that is certain to get your feet tapping. Anuj’s very own creation ‘Darth Veda’ (Dundas Remix) features on the album but with a gorgeous flute accompanying and complimenting the harsher bass and dubstep qualities of the original.

A Well Placed Knee”, “Cat & Mouse” and “Chandigargh Chase” are intense dramatic pieces that remind me of the scoring work done by one of my favourite bands ‘Indian Ocean’ who have worked on a few films in India. Now these guys are massive and well respected in the music circles and for Anuj to create something of that calibre shows his level of dexterity in the world of composing.

Soundtracks are very different to normal albums as I feel the producer/composer needs to work even harder for the tracks to have meaning when they stand alone, independent from the film. “Surkhaab” achieves this … you can picture what could be going on in the film from the intensity, tempo and character of the score as you make your way through it. This, I believe speaks volumes about the skill and effort Anuj has put into creating such diverse score.

Surkhaab has already been selected in several international film festivals, including St. Tropez (France), Santa Monica (USA), Perth (Australia), Madrid (Spain), Houston (USA), Toronto (Canada), and London (UK), and has amassed a number of awards for Direction, Production, Screenplay and Best picture along the way.

The soundtrack album releases on CD (for international shipping), and digital download exclusively at on October 1, 2013. Full digital download through major online retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and others will release October 8, 2013.

Sanjay Kundalia
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