Anuj Rastogi Releases "Lights Out" || Spoken Word on Gun Violence

Anuj Rastogi released his new, and possibly darkest, spoken word piece yet. "Lights Out" is a commentary on the Gun Violence in the US, and the hijacking of reasonable and common sense discussion of the subject.

"I wrote this piece in two separate parts, at points in 2014 and 2015 after seeing the fallout of more mass shootings. The words may or may not resonate with some, but fact remains that no other developed nation faces a crisis like this. Whatever your stance, the stats are the stats, and behind those stats are REAL LIVES."

Written in two parts in two separate years, the poem somehow blended together into one piece. The video depicts Anuj in a Security Room, viewing the fallout across multiple monitors, in a monologue of sorts.


"Lights Out"

Written, Produced & Performed by: Anuj Rastogi 

Anuj Rastogi - Spoken word lyrics, performance, synths, keys, programming, percussion 

Recorded and mixed at Omnesia Studios, Toronto

Video by: Ozmosys Productions



Any life lost at the barrel of a gun

If even just one

Is a life lost too soon

Not on just the on the rare occasion of a blue moon

But every night, and every afternoon

Bullets strewn and circles in munchkin flesh cut

Like holes punched in Dunkin donut

Lungs punctured, glamorized in songs

Like a diabetic on a suicidal sugar trip

We send our own to slaughter in throngs

Kids slaughtered in baker’s dozens

13 year olds separated from their cousins

Parents shattered, Families torn by the glutton

Of self-serving lobbyists

With hands up the backside of politicians cum ventriloquists

Waiting 48hours for the public anger to fade

So in Washington another arms maker can get paid

With complete disregard for the moms and dads who only just laid

The tattered remains of their kin to rest

It is Un-Rest that the powers that be do not want you to see

Within you is all that which is true

The very fabric of a society is removed from its own glue

Not by accident, but by precedent

Oh dear Presidents, for all your wars since four score and seven years

Why have you not once considered the million tragedies and billion tears

That seap between the cracks of your broken system

If you lost one of your own, perhaps you’d listen

Chase all the spies, informants and terrorists you like,   

Fact is more people die in America at the hands of armed Americans

Lights out, Good Night

For 15 seconds of media fame, death is showered on 15 men

The attention always on the killer,not the victims

What of the children who end up in endless cycles of a broken foster care system

All the tax dollars spent fighting “gun violence” ?

All the healthcare costs from treatment of the injuries, both physical and mental ?

Guns in the hands of the masses are nothing but detrimental

But a certain group will have you believe it’s an issue only of those few who are mental

Over indexed as victims, under indexed as offenders

How dare you sell out those less fortunate, when we should be their defenders?

No man in “the land of the free” is in need of the firepower of the military

Dispute all you want

Fact remains – 30,000 lives lost every year is unnecessary

8 years plus 4 ago, a man named Michael Moore

Made a little film that opened with Charlton Heston

Now those same guns spread from Chihahua, Mexico to Jane & Weston

My city, T.O. imports your recklessness

While 40,000 Mexicans have bled in their own helplessness

NAFTA at its finest, the export of death to both sides of your border

Over his “cold dead hands” he proclaimed

Since then thousands of others have been killed, injured and maimed

Bowling in Columbine should’ve been the last strike

Yet Newtown’s Children bled out on this sandy hook

Virginia Tech - Heck even

Fort Hood - What Good

Has come in this daily shootout-hungry system?

If you blink for a moment, you’d probably miss them

Like Aurora’s joker, some men just like to watch the world burn

Oak Creek’s Temple took another darker turn

Domestic misguided racial angst combined with a gun

Tearing through Turbans and threads

In a place where peaceful folk give thanks for life, one man rains death

Fast forward - May 2014 in Santa Barb ara

Is it an outlier, or is this Karma?

Elliot Rodgers hates his neighborhood

Ends 6 lives, plus his own. Please ready the wood

More funeral pyres

More unfulfilled dreams and desires

Parents burying children who should’ve grown old

Families left feeling broken, empty and cold

Now let us rewind, and let me remind

I mentioned Charlton Heston,

Then June 20 2015

A twenty-one year old man filled with Generations of hate, and a master plan

Of restoring the deep South's confederate

Walks in at 6, sits down at seven and begins shooting at 8 then dies at the end of a 9mm

Takes innocent black lives from their mammas

A former senator, friend of your own President Obama

You see

Our quest for salvation has been interrupted

by the breaking news flash of a nation

That shoots itself with its own ammunition and then proclaims it is live and on location

From a movie theatre to places of worship

From a Chuck-e-Cheese to institutions of learning

No place is a beyond the reach of chaos and insanity

Clearly somewhere back there we lost the recipe to humanity

Add 2 parts apathy and one part ignorance

Mix in 9 millimeters and 1 part vengeance

Blend for 15 minutes of fame, then blame the blood on video games or immigrants

To deliver this secret blend of 11 herbs and spices

Consider not one but all of the above devices

That season this recipe

For it is not guns alone, but misogyny

Our shall I say, Mysogyn-HE

Who is equal parts to blame

Where a culture of male entitlement is the wolf in sheep’s clothing

While media pins black skin & immigrants for the fear and loathing

So that their stories can run for just 15 more minutes

For the system is always looking for fresh meat

Lies and deceit

Sell me a gun for self defense  – no background check please though …

But I’d like a receipt

In this refusal to learn, burn your kin under a scorching sun

Show future generations that power and desperation

Mixed with some manufactured paranoia and a well-balanced gun

Hip Hop and common sense have been hijacked

Generations of victims who deserve their lives back

Tupac spoke of Changes

His life ended rat-tat-tat

I guess that’s just the way it is...


Anuj Rastogi
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