Universal Music India release of ‘Nu asian SoundZ’
New cuts from Karsh Kale, Janaka Selekta, and an exclusive remix from Anuj Rastogi and more featured on Universal India's first Asian dubstep release... [Read More...]
Anuj Rastogi - Exclusives
During one of my regular excursions to ethnotechno.com I came across a review by Shree Sreenivasan on an album called Omnesia. Intrigued by the title and cover I read on and discovering a Toronto, Canada based producer, composer and musician by the name of Anuj Rastogi. [Read More...]
On the Forefront of Innovation, Anuj Rastogi
" I want to make music that you can listen to in a club, a car, while washing dishes, with your girlfriend...it needs to speak across all contexts..." [Read More...]
Mybindi.com - Dark Matter EP
The second album shows you an artist who is now in control of his talent and knows how to use it to create unique sounds. Here's a musician who knows his art. [Read More...]
Omnesia Live in Toronto
"The night was memorable and intimate - if you get the chance to see Omnesia again on stage, I recommend not letting it pass you by." [Read More...]
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