Anuj Rastogi: Taking music a dubstep further
With a child's red tape recorder, he lifted songs from television shows and played back as many notes as he could on a rickety organ. [Read More...]
187 Candles pays a musical tribute to Mumbai
"We always think about the numbers, but each on eof the people had a story..." [Read More...]
IndianElectronica - Dark Matter EP Review
"...this album isn't summertime picnic listening – Rastogi plays with characteristics of dub-step (namely, half-time rhythm and emphasis on bass-lines) successfully to offer these dense tracks which are packed with snippet-samples of harmonics and vocals." [Read More...]
Rock & Awe!
"...Rastogi represents a new generation of composers and muscicians who balance the nuances of many cultures in the music." [Read More...] - Omnesia Album Review
"...Anuj Rastogi makes a striking debut with his CD Omnesia." [Read More...]
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