'Dear London (as I watch this city burn)
Aug 11, 2011

Dear London
I have realized that ‘civilized’ is a place just idealized
As Somalis starve and Libyans die
I watch this city burn from the London Eye

Is it apathy, or hate, frustration or fate?
That gives way to such acts of cowardice – Is it innate?
That once in a generation, a Few will forget
What it means to be Human – Will some ever learn?
Or must I accept at this difficult turn,
That some men just like to watch the world burn

Written by: Anuj Rastogi
Anuj Rastogi: spoken word, programming, keys, arrangement, engineering/mix, video edit

187 Candles - A Tribute to Mumbai 26/11
Nov 26, 2009
In 2008, I wrote this piece as a tribute to the city of Mumbai, and all the people who lost their lives and loved ones. Over 180 people were killed, over 350 injured, and these attacks rendered the city helpless for over 3 days.

This piece came to me as I heard the names of each victim recited by individuals here in Toronto at a candle light vigil on December 7/08. We always think about the numbers, but each one of the people had a story, had dreams, and wishes like you and me.

Music Composed & Arranged by: Anuj Rastogi

Anuj Rastogi - Piano, Synths, Programming
Falitaa Chhabra - Vocals
Cassius Khan - Vocals
Hasheel Lodhia - Bansuri
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